Sight gives way to taste

We constantly develop new lines of set-menus, so that seasonal products are used and no semi-processed goods. That is the main reason why we operate with reservations only, in order to minimize food waste and keep your meal fresh.
Specially selected fine wine, craft beer, and homemade lemonades will accompany you on this culinary adventure. You can choose from several 5-course menus, designed to intensify the experience by playing with your senses:

  • Main Menu “Meat”: A palette of meat-based dishes.
  • Main Menu “Fish”: For the lovers of seafood, fish, and shellfish.
  • Main Menu “Vegetarian”: Completely vegetarian dishes, full of surprising combinations.
  • Main Menu “Bulgarian”(meat based): A presentation of traditional Bulgarian cuisine, perfect for guests from other countries.

* Please inform us if you have any food allergies or intolerance in your reservation form, in order to adapt your menu.

** If this is not your first visit at Tenebris, please inform us in order to guarantee you new culinary surprises.

The price of this unique experience, including a 5-course fusion menu and exquisite selection of beverages, is 117 BGN / 60 Euro (20% VAT included).