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How dark is the dining room?

The room is completely dark, not even a single dot is visible. It is similar to the sensation if you close your eyes tight in a dark room – this is what you will see here, but with your eyes open.

How do I eat in absolute darkness?

Deprived from your dominant sense of sight, after a few minutes your other senses will become heightened. Our meals are designed in a way to ease your transition and avoid getting messy, but dress appropriately nevertheless. You can use cutlery, but we recommend eating with your hands, as it will unlock a greater sensation of the food and it will be fun.

Why do I need to leave my phone and camera outside?

The whole experience of the dark restaurant is based on the complete lack of light, therefore  guests and personnel are asked to leave all potential light sources, such as cigarettes, lighters, watches, mobile phones or cameras at our coatroom, which is kept locked and monitored at all times. Although phones are inseparable part of us nowadays, allow yourself to immerse in the experience and spend some quality time with your company.

Are the restrooms also dark?

The restrooms are fully lit. Standing or moving around the dining room is NOT allowed for the guests’ and personnel’s safety. If you wish to be guided to the restroom or outside the dining room for any reason, just call your host.

How do I order my meal and can I see the menu?

When you make your reservation, you have the option to choose a menu for each guest on your table. However, we keep the exact ingredients as a surprise, which guarantees your company a fun night of guessing and putting your tasting skills to the test. When you leave the dark dining room, the meals from your menu will be presented to you and you can see who guessed most.

What kind of food do you serve?

Your meals will be prepared by one of the top chefs in Bulgaria, supported by a great team. The cuisine is predominantly fusion and modern, depending on the set menu of your choice. You can find more about the SET-menus under menu section.

Are the chefs vision impaired? Is the kitchen also in the dark?

The chefs are not visually impaired and the kitchen is fully lit.

What if I have allergies or special dietary requirements?

Upon placing your reservation, please fill in the form for any allergies or dietary requirements about yourself and your company, so we can adapt the meals accordingly. However, if you just don’t like an ingredient, do keep an open mind as this experience may change this.

How do I order my drink?

Before entering the dark area in our restaurant, you will order your first drink. During your meal you can order the same or a different drink, just ask your host.

What selections of beverages do you serve?

You can choose from all kinds of alcohol-free beverages like home made lemonade, as well as light and dark beer, or a special selection of rosé, white or red wine. Two alcohol drinks are included in your menu price, and we strongly recommend that you don’t consume more, as the dining in the dark experience can be quite overwhelming. The brands of our drinks can be found under partners section.

How long will I be in the dark room?

Usually the experience lasts between 1,5 and 2 hours.

How often people cannot cope with dark dinning?

In our experience in dark restaurant events, very few people (about1-2%) feel the insurmountable urge to leave the dark room before finishing dinner. However, if you know that you or your friends have some form of scotophobia (fear of darkness), this is probably not the best way to spend your night.

How do you ensure safety?

Everything in our restaurant is thoroughly tested hundreds of times, the dishes are served at body temperature at highest, and the personnel is trained for all emergency cases. The whole restaurant, its lit and dark areas, is monitored by CCTV cameras at all times for security reasons only. Emergency lighting glows in case of an event.

Is this experience suitable for children?

It all depends on the persona, however we strongly recommend all visitors to be over the age of 14.

Are there many people with vision impairments who come as guests?

If you think about it, there isn’t much sense of them coming to our restaurant. However, we host many events with our friend organizations that work in the vision impairment area. Also, many blind people find it a great way to show their peers what is the feeling of not being able to see.

Do I need to book in advance?

Due to the high demand and the strictly planned schedule of both kitchen and host personnel, we accommodate guests with reservations only. We have seating slots every 20 minutes and we highly recommend coming on time for your reservation, so you do not have to wait or miss some exciting part of your experience. You can make your reservation here.

Is Tenebris corporate suitable?

We are the most memorable venue for team buildings, trainings and other corporate events. Also, we provide the perfect setting for an unbiased, unprejudiced interview.

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