Menu Gallery

Menu October – December 2023

3. Our version of pain perdu – with white fish cream with spinach, white pepper and lime zest in between the bread slices, topped with smoked salmon and premium red caviar and garnished with cauliflower mousseline and ouzo.

Menu April – June 2023

1. Roasted frog legs with herb crumbs on celery spaghetti with cream sauce.

Menu January – March 2023

5. Tangerine tart with aperol and caramelized almonds, in a combination with sour cream and citrus jam, and buttery pastry crumble.

Menu October – December 2022

02. Rolled chicken farce with nori, grilled baby corn and cherry tomatoes.

Menu July – September 2022

1. Roasted stuffed figs with brie, chives, wrapped in premium prosciutto crudo.

Menu April – June 2022

5. Vegan Creme Brulee with caramel chips and lyophilized raspberries

Menu January – Мarch 2022

5. Chocolate shock – chocolate-cinnamon cake with dark Belgian chocolate mousse and dried tobacco leaves, cream of chestnuts and fresh blueberries

Menu for October – December 2021

4. Chicken fillet suprim with crispy skin and mousseline with truffle, in combination with carrot and wild mushroom puree and quickly fermented carrot fillets , with a sprinkling of quinoa popcorn and sauce Ju

Menu for July – September 2021

3. Salty cheesecake with sun-dried tomatoes, silk tofu, roasted walnuts and pumpkin seeds and crunchy base.

Menu for March – June 2021

3. Caramelized parsnips, imperial rice, pomegranate, fresh mint, pickled red onions and tahini dressing.

Menu for June-August 2020

5. Lavender brulee with unrefined cane sugar, dehydrated lavender blossom and Chantilly cream.

Menu for June-August 2020

5. Dark chocolate delays with banana cream, mango gel, agave honeycomb and cane sugar.

Menu for December 2019

4. Salmon fillet with poppy seeds crust, with pumpkin puree garam masala and with fresh pear and quinoa salad.

Menu for October-November 2019

2. Surimi (combination of crab and shrimp) with homemade mayonnaise with lime, on a baked sweet potato base.

Menu for July-September 2019

4. Baked codfish fillet with lime and butter, green French lentil, popped cherry tomatoes with balsamic reduction and roasted sesame, in combination with saffron ayolli

Menu for May-June 2019

5. Williams pear stewed in Marsala wine with Mascarpone cream and toffifee walnuts

Menu for March-April 2019

1. Conchiglie pasta with chicken cubes, chorizo sauce and rucola base with roasted vegetables dressing.

Menu for January-February 2019

5. Cocoa panna cotta on a cake base and chocolate coating

Menu for December 2018

2. Shrimp ragu wrapped in a fine pancake, served in carrot-ginger emulsion and a fresh rucola.

Menu for November 2018

1. Marinated salmon on potato blini, marinated beetroot, herb cream and fresh mushrooms.