Menu Gallery

Menu April – July 2022

5. Cake with berry butter, white chocolate mousse, dark Belgian chocolate glaze and meringue crumbs

Menu January – Мarch 2022

2. Slow-cooked pulled pork shank with bean stew and red cabbage cream sprinkled with samardala crumbs

Menu for October – December 2021

5. Mojito cheesecake with wholegrain biscuit base, dark chocolate, butter, buco cream cheese, mint and jelly mojito

Menu for July – September 2021

3. Salty cheesecake with sun-dried tomatoes, silk tofu, roasted walnuts and pumpkin seeds and crunchy base.

Menu for March – June 2021

5. Vegan cheesecake with almond flour, dates, cashew cream and blueberry jam.

Menu for June-August 2020

4. Glazed salmon trout fillet on rice noodles with stewed bamboo and red curry velote.

Menu for June-August 2020

5. Dark chocolate delays with banana cream, mango gel, agave honeycomb and cane sugar.

Menu for December 2019

4. Salmon fillet with poppy seeds crust, with pumpkin puree garam masala and with fresh pear and quinoa salad.

Menu for October-November 2019

2. Surimi (combination of crab and shrimp) with homemade mayonnaise with lime, on a baked sweet potato base.

Menu for July-September 2019

5. Chocolate and orange vegan cheesecake, made with cashew cheese, dates, chia, nuts and coconut

Menu for May-June 2019

4. Timbale from two types of quinoa - red and white, marinated avocado and baked sweet potato with a bouquet of herbs and coconut milk

Menu for March-April 2019

5. Raw cake from carrots, cashew, dates, raisins, coconut milk and coconut, cashew cream and fresh strawberries.

Menu for January-February 2019

2. Red tuna fillet with avocado mousse with Philadelphia, filleted radishes and fresh asparagus, sprinkled with black sesame powder

Menu for December 2018

4. Pork tenderloin fillet with pumpkin puree, rehydrated prunes and marinated celery cubes.

Menu for November 2018

5. Lemon tart with Bulgarian homemade kisses.