Due to the flu epidemic, Tenebris Restaurant is closing its doors for visitors – we are responsible to both our guests and our staff. However, we do not like to stand with our hands crossed, so we will try to be helpful to you, our friends.
    Introducing our new project for high-quality cuisine, brought to the comfort of your home comfort – meet:
    Ki.bus – Designer food for your home!

    We will offer your familiar quality and culinary skills in a different format – food delivery. We will be developing different dishes for you each week
    (be sure they will be very tasty and interesting).
    Thus, we help you to eat high quality food prepared in a professionally hygienic environment and served in the comfort of your home. And you, you can help us keep the most precious – the team we’ve been building for over a year.
    Take care of yourself and your loved ones, eat well and stay home.

    Thank You for trusting us!

    The Beginning

    “Dine in the dark” concept was developed in the 90’s by Michel Reilhac, who later opened a theme restaurant in Paris. Multiple restaurants worldwide have followed and marginalized the idea since.
    For the first time on the Balkans, the concept is fully developed by Tenebris. Our idea is to immerse you in a world, where vision is not present and let the other senses take over.

    The main source of perception is sight, but as we know – eyes can mislead. About 83% of the information regarding our surroundings comes thought this main sensatory channel. This greatly determines how we interact with the outside world, our preconceptions and even the way we think. Tenebris presents a world, where our other senses take predominance. Taste, aroma and texture are dimensions, that will redefine your understanding of food and you will experience an unforgettable culinary journey.

    Another essential part of the “dine in the dark”experience is the human interaction. When in pitch black darkness, conversations tend to be much deeper, devoid of prejudice, vanity and smart phones. You will have the chance to get to know yourself and your company in a profound way.
    Come dine with us at Tenebris and allow yourself to truly see, because sometimes we need darkness to see the light. Welcome to our dark-bright world!


    Make a gift to your loved ones – an unforgettable experience full of taste, emotions, and laughter. All vouchers are handcrafted by the talented artists at Cards & Crafts. For more information and purchases, please contact us.