Dinner in The Dark

Our colleagues and friends from Slovenia shared with us their version of a dark restaurant.

Here is what “Dinner In The Dark” – Ljubljana wrote to us:

We no longer need to go to Paris, London, New York or any other major city to taste great food in pitch-black darkness. We can also experience the most thrilling and unique dining experience in one of the most beautiful hidden gems of Europe, the amazing tourist destination – Slovenia.

The culinary character of Restaurant Slon 1552 is defined by Slovenian and Mediterranean dishes prepared according to traditional recipes and complemented with the latest culinary trends. When creating new dishes, we are guided by the “less is more” principle, which inspires us to bring out the best of the highest quality ingredients and offer our guests a true culinary experience accompanied by superior wines, all of which are available by the glass. A special milestone on our journey to create the best flavors was the arrival of our new chef Janez Šetina. His menu brought a freshness to our kitchen with local ingredients, which conjure up a special seasonal symphony on the plate.

Dinner in the dark Slovenia – dinnerinthedark.si  –  is a whole new experience, one that we need to find ourselves without using the crucial sense of sight. In the absence of sight, other senses quickly become stronger, resulting in the sharpening of our taste, smell and touch. Before entering the restaurant, we put away our purse, cell phone, watch, and anything that shines in the dark or could disrupt our unique experience. The dinner in the dark experience changes an individual’s view of food and the way it’s enjoyed. At the same time, it is an activity that invokes a childlike curiosity. The idea itself originated in France, and to date has spread to many cities around the world, including Ljubljana.

First, you’ll be welcomed with a glass of champagne while introduced to the concept of the format itself. You’ll be escorted into the darkness, where you’ll be entertained by a 2-hour long program that will amuse 4 of your remaining senses. You’ll be able to smell the excitement, touch the trivia and listen to the ambient music that will make you feel comfortable at all times. In the meanwhile, you’ll be trying to guess the contrast of flavors of the carefully prepared 4-course menu and selected wine pairing to each course.

More information and reservations at dinnerinthedark.si  / vecerjavtemi.si