Invisible Dinner

The Invisible Dinner Idea Dinner for 30 blind seniors for a month

We will provide and deliver dinner to 30 blind seniors(soup, main dish and dessert) for a period of one month. The food will be professionally selected and prepared according to all norms and requirements of the patronage of the elderly. Delivering at their homes will save the elderly a difficult (and dangerous) wait in queues.

The problem for elderly blind people in a state of emergency

Often there is talk of vulnerable and at-risk groups, but unfortunately, the focus is rarely on people whose daily challenges take on an even greater scale in the current situation. People who are both elderly and blind are among the most at-risk groups because of the need for touch in their daily routines.

The problem – Who are we? – You know us!

We are a dark restaurant Tenebris – the first dark restaurant in the Balkans. We opened a little more than a year ago, during which we achieved a lot, thanks to you and our team! A core part of the Tenebris concept is our five blind hosts, who bring guests into the intriguing (and delicious) world of darkness.

The problem – Who are you? – Our friends!

We hope you are already among our fans as well as potential partners! You want to help people in need – and you do, especially in the current situation. You want to make sure that your help is timely, necessary, and organized in the most appropriate and in a dignified way.

The Problem – How to get involved? – Give a hand!

We have raised funds to organize the preparation and delivery of dinner for one week so far. However, our wish is to cover the entire period of the emergency period for now, namely one month. If you would like to find out more and help come up with a timely and necessary cause, contact us!

Plamen Veselinov
Tel: +359 889 717 708
IBAN: BG38RZBB91551009142380
Foundation “Jelena’s Heart”